Three Rules for Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Have you given much thought about how you organize your cleaning supplies? Most people probably haven’t either.  When organizing your cleaning supplies, choose their location wisely and consider :  frequency of use, accessibility, and, most importantly, safety.

What cleaning products do you use the most? Without knowing you, I would have to say that dishwashing liquid or dishwasher detergent are probably amongst the more frequently used cleaning products in your house.  Most people eat every day, and eating generally generates dirty dishes.  Now imagine yourself running down to the basement every time you wanted to wash the dishes.

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Rule #1: Store the most frequently used products where you use them.

For instance, dishwashing detergent should be stored conveniently in the kitchen and it should be readily accessible. A bottle of hand soap should go near the sink with a refill bottle located nearby (like under the sink). Yes, paper towels, wipes, and other cleaning supplies that are used on a daily basis should be stored in the kitchen.

Tip: Store cleaning supplies for daily cleaning and incidental cleanups in each bathroom and in the kitchen.  You’re more likely to clean if the products are conveniently located.

What about cleaning supplies that you don’t use very often? Oven cleaners, Cabinet oil, and other cleaners that rarely see the light of day can afford to be pushed towards the deep, dark back of the cabinet or totally removed from the area if space is limited.

Rule#2: Make sure your frequently used cleaning supplies are easily accessible.

Arrange your cabinets so that the everyday items are towards the front and the rarely used items are toward the back.  Remove the rarely used products if your cabinets are overcrowded.

Last but not least, think about safety.  According to the Home Safety Council, poisoning is the second leading cause of unintentional home injury-related death.

Rule #3: Make sure all household cleaners are locked up, stored up high, and out of the reach of children. Never store food and cleaning supplies together.

Tip: Keep your guard up when you are cleaning.  While it helps to store cleaning supplies high up and out of the reach of children when they are not in use, don’t forget to safeguard cleaning products while you are cleaning.  Consider keeping your cleaning products in a portable, locked caddy.

The Clean Guard, sold by One Step Ahead and Leaps and Bounds is a cleaning caddy that can be locked.  Not only does it help to keep your cleaning supplies organized and accessible, but it also keeps them safely locked away at all times.

Follow these three rules and organize those cleaning supplies!  Who knows, it might inspire you to do a little cleaning.

Okay…maybe not. ;)

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