GIFTS for Achieving Success in Business and Life

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’m aware many of you are frantically searching for the perfect card or “last minute” gift. This is the perfect time to remember that you have all the GIFTS you need to succeed in business and life–you just need to use them. Most people would agree that it’s a shame to get a really cool gift and then never seize the opportunity to use it to its fullest potential. Well now is the time to start focusing on the invaluable GIFTS that you have that will ensure your business (and life) success.
Allow me to explain. You see, there are certain things that you need to focus on, and build your business and life around, in order to achieve a high level of success and satisfaction. I call these things your “GIFTS” and they truly are gifts. Let me define them for you:
“G” is for Genius. Think of “genius” as your creativity, your brilliance, your expertise, and your uniqueness. It’s your ability to problem solve and think things that no one else is thinking. It’s what makes you you. It’s what sets you apart from the crowd and makes you stand out. Genius is your extraordinary intellectual and creative power. Your genius contributes to all of the other GIFTS in your bag.
• “I” is for Interests. Interests are the things that you like, the people you love, and the activities in which you wish to engage. You love spending time on your interests and learning all that you can about them. Interests draw and focus your attention unlike anything else.
• “F” is for Fire. “Fire” is your energy and passion. It’s that spark that motivates you to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s the burning desire you have to be your best. It’s the fuel that drives you toward success. Fire is the compelling force that will not let you fail. Fire is the catalyst for action.
• “T” is for Talents. Talents are the things that you do exceptionally well. You don’t have to work very hard at doing them, but the more you practice them, the better you get. People often comment on how effortless you make these things appear. They don’t come so easily for everyone. Know what your talents are and how you can help others with your talents and you are sure to achieve success.
• “S” is for Strengths. Strengths are inner and outer sources of power. These are the characteristics that give you the power to resist stress, strain, and adversity. They give you the fortitude to be a successful business owner and to withstand the ups and downs of life. Your strengths contribute to your overall effectiveness and ability to “get the job done.”
Take a few moments today to think about your specific GIFTS and start planning ways to incorporate your gifts into your business and everyday life. These things may sound “pie in the sky” for you right now, but they really are the keys to success. Everything you do should be focused on leveraging your GIFTS. Try it out and let me know your results.

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9 Response to “GIFTS for Achieving Success in Business and Life ”

Kristina Shands
May 9, 2011
1:22 pm

Comment :

Tiffany, great post! Love how you described GIFTS. It is sometimes hard to remember that we have everything we need to succeed. Thanks so much for the reminder.

Jeff Brunson
May 9, 2011
2:03 pm

Comment :

Tiffany, this GIFTS post is so timely for some of my continued 2001 planning and Business Journaling. So you’ve inspired me to think on this:

G – Making one’s Authenticity real; leading them to live it
I – Gathering the info (learning) that I use to highlight this Authenticity
F – The Giving strength that assures what I know builds something
T – The LIstening that develops my Connections
S – Focus – the Strength to remain focused on my Brand: Building Confident Leaders

That was great to do! Thank you for sharing,

Tiffany deSilva
May 9, 2011
6:24 pm

Comment :

Thanks for the feedback, Kristina. We could all use a little reminder every now and then.

Tiffany deSilva
May 9, 2011
6:31 pm

Comment :

Thank you, Jeff. I enjoyed a peek at how you manifest your GIFTS.

Sue Painter
May 10, 2011
11:58 am

Comment :

I like your step-by-step approach to finding and acknowledging one’s gifts. Thanks!

Mary Ellen Miller
May 10, 2011
6:08 pm

Comment :

Fantastic post Tiffany. Thank you for making us feel good about our talents while inspiring us to something greater.

Linda Pucci
May 15, 2011
9:18 am

Comment :

What a great way to think about what we bring to the table in our business and in our lives. And this is such an easy way to remember to focus on our gifts. I’m going to be sharing this with both my coaching and psychotherapy clients (with attribution to you, of course!) Thanks!

Linda Pucci
May 15, 2011
9:30 am

Comment :

OK. Jeff has inspired me.
G–helping people make BIG changes quickly, especially helping people overcome pain from past negative experiences

I–growth, personal or professional. The beauty of nature and where we each fit (my horses help me figure this out).

F–being a catalyst for change. New techniques that help people get unstuck quickly. Challenging myself to try new things.

T–making the complex simple and creating steps to help people figure out the HOW

S–drive, determination, and desire. Focus on the big picture of what I’m here to be and do

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