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Top 3 Quick Income-Generating Activities

You’ve probably heard me say a number of times that entrepreneurs need to master their time in order to have a profitable and sustainable business.  And you’ve probably heard a thousand times that you need to be working on income-generating activities. And it’s true. As an entrepreneur, if you want y..Read More

3 Critical Ingredients to Make Things Happen in Your Business

Can you believe that we are down to only 4 weeks left in the year?  I know I can’t. It feels like the year has flown by.  On December 31st will you be able to say that you accomplished your business or financial goals for the year? If so, that’s great. If not, you’re definitely not alone. Many entrepreneurs wi..Read More

Are You Burying Your Talents in the Dirt?

The other day I was in a conversation with a potential client who was struggling with growing her business and was thinking of giving up doing work she had been passionately doing for years.  We laid out a plan to raise her visibility and attract more clients but something was missing.  She said she couldn’t move forward because of a spiritual ..Read More

5 Tips to Break the Cycle of Undercharging, Under-Earning, and Overworking

Time, energy, and money. These three resources influence everything we do (or don’t do) on a daily basis. They impact our ability to live our great lives and they are undeniably intertwined.   I guess that’s why I hate to waste any of them (especially time).   If you think about it, how you choose to use, guard, and maximi..Read More

5 “Out- of-the- Box” Ways to Promote Yourself

October is “Self-Promotion Month!”  While that may not sound appealing to you, self-promotion is crucial to success as a small business owner.  After all, if you don’t promote yourself, who else is going to?  Don’t worry, self-promotion doesn’t have to be “in your face” or obnoxious.  In fact, I’m sharing some of my favorite ..Read More

3 Tips to Make “Happiness Happen” in Business and Life

You probably know by now that I love wacky holidays, uncommon celebrations, and thought-provoking observances.  Well it just so happens that August is also “Happiness Happens” Month.  Isn’t that such a refreshing thought?  I’m sure we’ve all seen  “sh*t happens” t-shirts and bumper stickers around, as if we need r..Read More

5 Steps to Building a Rock-Solid Business

I’ve noticed a common theme among solo entrepreneurs lately. Many are very overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to run and grow their businesses, and it’s not just because they have a ton of things on their to-do list. Sure that contributes to the overwhelm; but the real problem is they don’t know what to do next to up-leve..Read More

Is social media “killing your time” and your profits

I used to think that email was one of the biggest time-suckers for modern entrepreneurs, but now I’m thinking it may be social media.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some kind of cooped-up recluse who hates technology or talking to people.  I actually love connecting with people, leveraging technology, and relying on modern conveniences.  ..Read More

Organizing Checklist for Conquering Kitchen Clutter

Kitchens tend to be clutter magnets. Because they see so much activity on a daily basis, keeping them clean and clutter-free can really be a complicated chore.  Here’s a simple organizing checklist to help you keep kitchen clutter at bay. Read More

Three Rules for Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Have you given much thought about how you organize your cleaning supplies? Most people probably haven't either.  When organizing your cleaning supplies, choose their location wisely and consider :  frequency of use, accessibility, and, most importantly, safety. What cleaning products do you use the most? With..Read More