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3 Quick Ways to Break Out of Your Dry Spell and Attract Some “Juicy” Prospects

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to have ups and downs in their business.  One month your phone is ringing off the hook with potential clients, the next month you’re only hearing crickets.  Now there are many different ways to prevent this from happening (ex. Consistently marketing your business), but what do you do if you’re in the vall..Read More

4 Steps to Creating Client Allure

Client allure is all about creating a magnetic presence that draws in your ideal clients, turns them into paying customers, and makes them want to do business with you over and over again. Businesses that plan to be around for a long time know that client allure is the key to success (even if they don't call it that). You see, you can no long..Read More

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

I’ve met a lot of women entrepreneurs over the last several months who are really struggling to get clients.  It’s not because they have some type of character flaw.  And it’s not because they aren’t working their butts off—believe me, they are. In fact, they are working really hard at marketing, but they are still str..Read More

Top 3 Quick Income-Generating Activities

You’ve probably heard me say a number of times that entrepreneurs need to master their time in order to have a profitable and sustainable business.  And you’ve probably heard a thousand times that you need to be working on income-generating activities. And it’s true. As an entrepreneur, if you want y..Read More