Marketing Without Solid Business Systems is Like Being a “Bad Host”

Marketing is just like inviting your friends to a fabulous party. If you think about it, when you’re marketing products or services, you are inviting people who know, like, and trust you to join you in a life-changing event. Not everyone will be able to join you, but the one’s who do will expect a warm welcome and great service.

Now, imagine yourself planning a party. You’ve created some fancy invitations to get the word out and to tell everyone how wonderful the party is going to be. You really want to have a great turnout so your party is a great success.

Now, imagine it’s the day of the party. The good news is:  a ton of people showed up. The bad news is:  you’re running around like a “mad woman.” The food isn’t ready because you forgot to confirm the arrival time with the caterer. There isn’t enough seating for everyone. You didn’t clear space for people to hang their coats because you didn’t think about it. And to top it off, your house is a mess because you didn’t have time to get organized. Some of your guest stick around, but some of them are starting to think that you are a “bad host,” so they decide to leave.

Most of us would not invite people to a party without a plan and a system to accommodate our guests. However, many entrepreneurs are spending a lot of time and money on marketing without solid systems in place to handle the clients who decide to join them. Truthfully, you have to have marketing and systems to have success. At the very least, you want to have a system for client intake and service delivery. Ideally, you want to have systems in place for everything you do on a regular basis, so that your business runs seamlessly. This is very important to building the know, like, and trust factor, but also in keeping your clients happy and loyal “friends.”

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4 Response to “Marketing Without Solid Business Systems is Like Being a “Bad Host” ”

Jeff Brunson
June 7, 2011
8:47 am

Comment :

Wow, don’t market what you cannot deliver. That is basically what I hear you saying. It definitely sounds like good advice. Your post actually made me think more closely about some things I’m working on. The party analogy is a great help … I like the way it ‘personalizes’ those necessary marketing efforts.

Mary Ellen Miller
June 7, 2011
1:09 pm

Comment :

Excellent post Tiffany. It is something I’ve discovered being in business for myself. Always under-promise and over-deliver to a client and that involves having time management systems in place. Thanks!

Sue Painter
June 12, 2011
9:04 am

Comment :

I’m grinning to myself because I know we have talked about these very things in our group, Tiffany. All your points are valid and true. Mastery of marketing is critical no matter how good we all are at what we do.

Kristina Shands
June 12, 2011
7:21 pm

Comment :

Love the analogy of treating your marketing like a party. What great points. Serving customers is just as important as gaining customers. Thanks so much for sharing.

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