Consistently Attract the Clients You Are Meant to Serve, Streamline Your Marketing, and Increase Your Income and Your Impact with Ease and Grace

  • Are you tired of feeling completely stressed out and overwhelmed?

  • Are you sick of riding the ups and downs of inconsistent cashflow?

  • Do you feel like you’re working very hard—spinning your wheels, but not getting anywhere?

  • Are you failing to consistently attract the right type of clients or the right number of clients to work with?

  • Are you yearning to create a profitable business that gives you the time and financial freedom you desire?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you are definitely in the right place …

I understand why you’re overwhelmed.  With so much information out there, so many ideas swirling around your head, and so many things on your “to-do” list, it’s hard to know what to focus on or what you should be doing to build and grow your business.

Let’s face it–building a business isn’t always easy.  After all, your business didn’t come with an owners manual on how to operate it.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I work with, you went into business because you want to help others and make a living doing what you love.

You probably “opened the doors” to your business and just started “winging it.”

Unfortunately not having a clear path to success leads to a lot of confusion and lack of focus.  It can also lead to you owning a business that isn’t a good fit for you and the life you want to live.

This sets you up for disappointment and burnout.

Or even worse…

A business built without focus, strategy, and a strong foundation is NOT a sustainable business at all.  This is why so many businesses collapse.

That’s why it’s time to get the help you need to create a profitable business that will stand the test of time.  

Yes, it is time to for you to:

  • Design a highly leveraged and scalable business model for greater profits and more time freedom.
  • Identify the clients you are meant to serve and positively impact the world.
  • Consistently attract your ideal clients so you never have to deal with roller coaster income again
  • Charge what you deserve and get high-paying clients to work with you.
  • Discover the art of turning time into money and gain the time and financial freedom you desire.

Imagine owning a sleek, sustainable, and financially successful business …

Now, instead of feast or famine, you have a steady stream of great prospects and ideal clients who want to work with you and pay you handsomely! You have seamlessly smooth marketing and sales systems in place that allow you to consistently attract the people you are meant to serve.

You’re finally earning what you deserve! No more profit leaks, time drains, or missed opportunities. You have rock-solid business systems, structure, and support that save you time and maximize profits. You’re clients enjoy consistent great results and you have tons of loyal raving fans.

Instead of feeling stressed out and stuck, you are finally living up to your potential and achieving the success you desire!  You are serving the people you are meant to serve and reshaping the world around you through your success.

You have more time to enjoy the people and things that truly matter to you. Your business is strategically designed to allow you to do the work you love and are meant to do, while still enjoying a passion-filled life.

Clarity, focus, and confidence define you. Overwhelm and confusion are gone. No more “winging it”, spending your day “putting out fires,” or wasting precious time. You no longer struggle to get things done. You know exactly what to do to make things happen!

You have achieved Seamless Success in your business and life.

Here’s why you are completely stressed out and overwhelmed right now…

The daily details of running your business aren’t your passion. You started your own business because you wanted to help others and earn a living doing what you love. You wanted flexibility and financial freedom. Now you feel like you’re trapped by the everyday challenges of running your business.

You’re struggling to balance all of the roles and responsibilities that go with running a business. Your plate is completely full and you aren’t sure how to manage it all.

You’re working really hard but not getting the results you want. You need help figuring out exactly what you should be doing to increase your productivity and your profits.

You have trouble focusing and prioritizing. You have lots of ideas and lots of projects–the problem is knowing which ones to pursue and following through on them.

There IS a solution…you need a solid business model, a step-by-step plan, systems, structure, and support so you can increase your profits and achieve seamless success in your business and personal life.

So, what now?

Take your next step on the journey to achieving seamless success–gain the knowledge, skills, and support that will empower you to create a sleek and sustainable, financially successful business, while impacting the world with your unique brilliance, and living a passion-filled infinitely rich life!

To Your Seamless Success,

Tiffany deSilva, MSW


3 Marketing Tips from Next Food Network Star

One of my favorite shows on television is Food Network Star.  That’s an odd choice coming from someone who hates cooking (although, I do love to eat).  I’ve watched the show for years and I just figured out one of the reasons why I love it so much.  The majority of the show is about marketing.

Sure they do challenges and make some great looking food, but the contestants who do well on the show are great marketers, not just great chefs or cooks. Each show is packed full of marketing morsels.

Here are my favorite marketing take-aways from Food Network Star:

  1. You must have a POV.  “What’s a POV?” you ask.  It’s a point of view.  The best Food Network Stars have a clear POV.  They know exactly what they cook and why they cook it that way.  It’s what sets them apart from everyone else on the planet who can turn on a stove.  It’s what compels viewers to watch their show over the other bazillions of choices out there. In order to be successful in business, you have to have a clear POV.  What’s your point of view?  What exactly do you do and, more importantly, WHY do you do it?
  2. You have to be passionate.  Anyone can stand up and recite a recipe and even cook a dish.  But only the most successful Food Network Stars can engage their audience on an emotional level and make them want to transport themselves into the television.  In business, you have to be a great storyteller—you must be able to move people from ordinary to extraordinary.  You don’t just talk about the features, or ingredients, of your product or service, you talk about the wonderful experience that people have when they work with you and the delicious end result that they get to enjoy.
  3.  You must be confident and courageous.  The best Food Network Stars don’t play it safe—they take risks.  They can’t expect to win serving toast and applesauce.  They have to bring their best, no matter what. Whatever they create must be unique or they go home.  And when they present their dish, they must present it with confidence.  Noone wants to eat something the chef, himself, feels queasy about.  It’s much the same in business.  To be successful, you have to “put yourself out there” and be willing to take risks.  Being afraid to stand out will kill your dreams of success.

I would love to hear your thoughts. And if you have a POV (which you should), I’d love to hear that, too. ;-) Need help with your POV or attracting clients? Click here to take your next step.

© 2012 Tiffany deSilva

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